Bible Study

Catholic Bible Studies Series

The Catholic Bible Studies series is an intentional parish formation course on the Bible aimed at promoting biblical literacy among participating parishioners and non-parishioners so as to empower them to embrace biblical spirituality. The series which consists in book-by-book readings and analyses of Sacred Scripture is done by the exposition and exegesis of the English text of the Bible (NABRE) from historical, literary and theological perspectives. The series of studies aims at imparting the ABC of Biblical Literacy: Access (to the text, find passages, know names, the order of books and sections of the Bible); Big Picture (overall biblical story, know how each book fits into this story, what the Church teaches); Context (historical situation, background of the story, interpretation, how the Church understands). The studies ultimately seek to let each participant bring Biblical Spirituality to life (pray with the Bible, embrace Gospel values, faithful to God’s call, live out Bible’s challenges) and personally encounter the Divine Word, Jesus Christ, so as to know, love and serve Him in the Church and in His people. This series of studies is committed to reversing what the patron saint of biblical studies, St. Jerome (347-420 CE), declared: Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ. Through Bible Study, from Biblical Literacy to Biblical Spirituality: Knowledge of Scripture is Knowledge of Christ.

The series has been on-going for some years now which include the following:

  • Past Study: The Gospel of Luke with Fr. Robert Victoria
  • Current Study: The Gospel of Matthew with Fr. Robert Victoria

Everybody is invited to join and is free to come any Monday to the Parish Center on 215 Lomita St., El Segundo 90245-4148 at 7 p.m.. Bring with you note-taking materials and your Bible, preferably the New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE, 2011) For further inquiries, please get in touch with Elizabeth Swenson at the Parish Office.

Parish Center: 215 Lomita St., El Segundo, CA 90245

(310) 322-4392 Ext 440